Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Foundations of Fullness: The Fountains From Which to Fill Your Cup

Hello! I wanted to introduce myself and give you an understanding as to what I wish for this space to be and what I hope to accomplish! My name is Maria and I have been on some level of a spiritual and wellness journey or path since I was about 8 years old. I've lost my way from time to time but always end up coming back to source. Throughout my time here on earth I have been ecstatic, devastated, content, broken, apathetic, fulfilled, sick, well, and everything in between. I wish and will strive for this space to be a place where I'm able to share the lessons from these states of being, knowledge that I've acquired, wisdom that I've gained, and questions yet explored. 
The foundation of this blog will be based on an understanding that i have come to: there are key fundamentals that, I believe, we require to live in our fullness. Every single one of us was born and meant to be at our fullest and highest self. There are NO "throw away" people in the sense that all of us have an innate purpose to our existence. And, as we've all experienced, there are a lot of elements that seem to cause us to not live this way. We become distracted, tired, discouraged, confused, and don't know where to begin. In my own journey of striving to live in my fullness, I've realized a through line of certain factors that remain a constant. These are the separate fountains that individually contribute to and make up my Foundations of Fullness. 

1-Conscious/mindful/informed eating
2-Spiritual relationships and practices
3-The relationship with self/internal/shadow work
5-Creative/artistic expression/making
6-Body maintenance/exercise/movement
7-The sharing of your gifts

These are, for me, what have truly been the keys to living in my fullness. If I ever feel out of balance or out of alignment, I check in with where I am in these categories and will always find an imbalance or lack. In following posts, I will go into detail about what each of these foundations mean to me and how I define them. From there, all posts will hopefully serve to help myself and you keep each of these fountains flowing and your cup full. I hope that you will find this space encouraging, engaging, informative, helpful, challenging, and inspiring!